Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Big Joe Beanbag Chairs A Solid Choice?

Big Joe bean bag chairs a true underdog story in the making.

How did they come about, who or what inspired the shape, are they safe, and where can I get one?

To answer these questions and more we need to look into the 1960’s when this design was wasn't even on the chopping block floor. Breaking out of the mold and moving from under the shadow of the great 1960's bean bag chairs of yesterday, the Big Joe Chairs are the beanbags of today. Making a brief introduction into the furniture design world the big joe chairs became greatly popular amongst hip city dwellers due to the variety of choices the Big Joe provides. Today this design is still popular, with the exception to the fabric, filling and additional safety features.

Big Joe Bean bag chairs are the only pieces of stylish furniture other than plastic patio chairs that can be easily relocated.

This makes them ideal for flats, the poolside and any other outdoor area. (Check the waterproof marine Beanbags.) Also ideal for use on new carpet or floor lining as these clever designs won’t leave a dent in your floor. The Big Joe chair can be placed upright or flat serving as a Bean bag pillow sac.

There is a design and color to suit any home with the exception being a too classic home may not necessarily suit a Big Joe bean bag chair, try the den or playroom instead. There are also alternatives that are better served as 'Marine' (waterproof) bean bag chairs available in fabrics that are waterproof and can repel liquids that make them ideal for pets or little children. One of the fun things about having a big joe chair is deciding where to put it.

Great at saving you money.

Why spend thousands on a new lounge suite when you can buy modern, furniture set in the few hundreds. Big Joe bean bag chairs can be found filled already or with just the case so they will need to be filled. If this is the case then you will need a helper. They can hold the bag open while you pull the polystyrene balls in. Nowadays, Big Joe Chairs come pre-filled so this will save you a lot of time and no mess.

However, as a customer making a choice there are quite a few options in todays market. We recommend the Big Joe Collection, but coming in at a close second are the Jaxx Iconic bean bag chairs and the Jaxx Foof PillowSak.

Both fun chairs share the creative design as the Big Joe, but tend to hold better in certain environments not to mention the eco-friendly foam filling of the Jaxx PillowSak makes a significant difference when it comes to comfort.

source: eFufChairs.com

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